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6.7 miles, 9.97 miles and the lake.

Me: I don’t wanna get out of bed.

Internal Guilt: But you’re in training.

Me: My back hurts and my feet hurt. I’m tired, I wanna sleep.

IG: You made a commitment.

Me: I can start later.

Snooze button from 7AM to 8:30AM (which meant I lost my walking partner and pacer).

Me: I can do it tonight.

IG: Get out of bed.

Me: I wanna stay under my duvet. Spidey needs cuddles.

IG: People have cancer.

Me: Sniffle. I walked .7 miles more than I was supposed to yesterday.

IG: Somewhere someone is getting up to get chemo and all you have to do is walk 8 miles. GET OUT OF BED.

Internal Guilt won the battle and I was on the lake path by 9AM after having a bagel and itty bitty coffee. I shouldn’t be allowed to do route-math without coffee, because I got it in my head that Fullerton was four miles away. Fullerton is five miles away, so when I turned around at the Theater on the Lake I was committing to TEN miles and not eight miles.

It took me about 3 hours today, but I wasn’t in any hurry. Where did I have to be? What did I have to do other than walk? Oh… prepare a presentation or three? Yes. That didn’t happen, I was too busy walking the lake path. Combined with Saturday’s walk (that I also overshot by .7 miles), I have now walked the lake from Oak Street Beach to Thorndale, which is pretty rad.

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