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Just 48 hours ago, I was on a plane heading to NYC. It was a whirlwind trip with this as my primary duty. Yes, 10 solid hours committed to live blogging an academic summit that Edelman and PR Week hosted.

One highlight was getting together with Esther and meeting in person for the very first time. That’s one of the joys and great risks of blogging. You form these close friendships between blogs without ever meeting. When you do what happens if you don’t like each other? Luckily, I think that Esther and I got along in person as well as we do online.

Coming home I battled what everyone trying to get on a plane last night battled. Massive delays, bad weather and computer glitches. I was a grumpy, grumpy Leah when I got to O’hare at 2:30 AM, nearly 5 hours late. That was until I saw the rows and rows of green army cots in baggage claim. Plenty of people never got to their destination at all last night and I did. Grumpy turned to gratitude pretty darn quick.

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