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I don’t know how I feel about you, v5 of Blog-City. I like that comments now pop-up instead of boosting mypage views artificially, but the tabs… everywhere the tabs. Meh. And so slow to load on my computer. Double meh.

That said, it was a good day. Tonight I had my fifth (kosher, shabbat, december dilemma, israel, israel) Itza Mitzvah. A program I started to get liberal Jews a chance to talk about

mitzvot with a rabbi. Yep, you heard me, liberal Jews exploring informed choice with regard to observance. Next month we are talking Prayer, so it should be good. My rabbi told me to stop obsessing over my d’var, that what I had was already very good. Great success.

I also had the nice loss this week on Weight Watchers. I did the Wendie Plan (link in sidebar) and it did its magic on me. I noticed that my pants were a little looser last night and a little longer today. Hooray! I don’t have to commit to that size. Not one more dollar.

Erm. Otherwise, that’s all she wrote. I’m alive, I’m getting into that special zen place pre-bat mitzvah and I’m going to turn thirty whether I like it or not. And single. Cause my date? Apparently that fell through. Drat.

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