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Apparently the spring time weather that we woke up to in Chicago this morning has been replaced by winter weather. Drat. I’m wearing capri pants and no jacket. I am meeting lawyer friends at a pub tonight and thought, “I’ll run to Old Navy and get a sweatshirt.” Then I just looked at my nails and remembered that I need a manicure too (lest I be judged by the quality of my nail polish tomorrow.)

I also broke down and went to the doctor today. Turns out that the antibiotics that my dermatologist put me on in February wiped out the flora of my intestines. I’ve been on a saltine/chicken soup/7-Up diet for the last 24 hours and think I might have become a saltine cracker. I think I’m finally getting back to normal and can forgo the prescription he gave me for even more antibiotics.

I’m only slightly paralyzed by the thought of going into the cold right now. Slightly.

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