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I found out in the last couple days that is no longer. Hopefully it is just a blip in the hosting fee, but it might really be gone. I twittered about it and was reminded that the internet is archived via the WayBack Machine.

I was able to rescue most of my columns, with the exception of an article on Long Married Couples, which I’m still looking for. For the time being, I’ve put them all in January 2003 including the always popular, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Rabbi.” (UPDATE: It was a blip and is back for your reading pleasure.)

In other news, I was slightly ticked off all day from a mis-communication last night. Bottom line, if you can’t talk or would rather not talk, just send me to voice mail. Don’t answer the phone and make me feel like a jerk for calling. Apology and understanding was reached tonight, but not after 8 hours of rising blood pressure.

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