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A bloody nose?

How did my day end with me crying and my nose bleeding all over my living room floor? Ugh. For some reason I was frustrated most of the afternoon. Last night I had to cancel my ATM card, having left it in my rental car on Sunday night.

When I got to the gas station I slipped the ATM card into my pocket and thought, “Make sure to take that out, don’t want to lose it.” Last night I went into my purse and there was no ATM card. I searched everywhere and called it in as lost.

Today after work I went to the Edgewater branch of my bank to order a new card. The branch manager told me that since I’ve had so many lost cards in the last two years, I am a liability to the bank. I may not be ALLOWED another ATM card. WHAT THE FUCK?

I started crying.

A liability. A liability? Every time I almost have my finances in order to get a mortgage–something stupid happens. Like I lose my ATM card coming home from a funeral and become a liability. A liability doesn’t get a mortgage.

Instead of a rational argument or discussion, I started crying. I couldn’t help it. She ignored me and said she’s seen people with WAY more cards than me and I’ll probably get approval from the VP. I just sobbed. I couldn’t get the stupid PIN machine to take my numbers, so she thought I was stupid again. She didn’t even offer me a kleenex? She just treated me like some numbskull who throws ATM cards into the wind…

Then I leave and spend the next three hours shopping. But since I don’t have my ATM/VISA card, I don’t have the ability to make a deposit of my paycheck or buy anything not using my credit card–because who in chicago accepts a check? Nobody.

I get home with NO Christmas presents (although I did get myself two new books, a DVD, and a phone accesory) and turn on my computer. Spidey jumps onto my lap, shedding all over me. I walk over to my coffee table for my new Lint Brush.

Next to the Lint Brush is my bank liability. My missing ATM card. Now canceled. Can’t go back. Have a black mark on my bank history and a useless unlost ATM card. I sat down on my coffee table and started sobbing. Then there was blood everywhere.

To support my eyes, my nose gave out. Who gets a bloody nose over a bank misunderstanding?

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