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A funny thing happened (on my way to the) at temple.

Okay, okay, this isn’t a Mel Brooks movie. I just wanted to comment on how quickly the jewish grapevine can distribute news. Last Sunday I offered (or said yes when asked to) to take over the website. Last night, I got thanked by a number of people for taking on the project.

One woman, who I often sit with, told me that she spent all week trying to figure out, “Who’s Leah Jones?” She only knows me as Leah–I sat with her family at the congregational seder and more often than not, sit with her at services–twice a shabbat. Finally someone said, “You know, she sits with Brad.” “Oh! Leah!”

I got invited to the Women’s Retreat next weekend, I was invited to break the fast with one family, to spend Rosh Hoshanah with another. All of the sudden, I’m in. I don’t know when it happened, I know it was subtle. But I’m a part of a wonderful Jewish community. Nobody cares that I’m single, in my twenties, don’t have kids–they still see me as a peer. It is an overwhelming and wonderful feeling.

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