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A funny warning

“Be careful, she’ll write about you on her blog.”

Who said that this morning? A tech savvy friend? A fellow blogger? A reader? None of the above. It was my rabbi warning a group of mohels in training. We were waiting for a guest speaker and shooting the shit, not really. We were studying Torah. Shooting the Jwewish shit, I guess.

We’d been talking about what it means to be holy and had run out of steam. I piped up and asked that our guests, liberal mohels (ryhmes with boil) in training, why they had elected to add mohel to their resume. The program is the Berit Milah program of the URJ and trains doctors how to do a circumcision from a Jewish ritual place and not just as a urologist or OB/GYN.

I have a lot to say about our speaker, the first female rabbi in Israel, but I’ll save that for later. She had the same trouble dating that I’m having now, so I felt like I’d met a kindred spirit. Eventually she met her husband in NY–an Israeli who wanted to return to Israel and didn’t mind that she was a rabbi. In fact, he probably embraced that she was a rabbi.

For now a perfect day is calling me. I missed services this morning, so I davened a bit on the beach earlier. Now I need to grab some lunch and get back on the beach or on my bike. Something outside must be done.

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