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A little Scale Victory

I posted my first major loss at WW this week. Granted, I haven’t really lost since I left London and did gain 10 pounds between thanksgiving, my grandma’s death, and christmas. Last week I journaled my points, worked out at the gym or at home daily, and kept kosher. These things together lead to a SIX POUND LOSS.

It is dejavu. I lost weight rapidly when I started WW over a year ago, then slowed to a respectable 1 to 2 lbs a week. Then I hit a plateau. Now I’m losing again and plan to journal my points and take responsibility for my eating habits.

It helps that I’m trying to keep kosher–that is limiting my cheese intake and making me focus on food again. I’d gotten super lax in the last three months. But now? Game On. I have every intention of losing the next 40 pounds this year.

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