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A lot to say after a long weekend away.

I have a lot of entries swirling around in my head. Bits and peices of stories, lessons I might have learned, things I noticed.

I got to drive this weekend. Man, I do enjoy driving. Cranking the tunes, putting on the blinker, zooming down Highway 55 to and from Deccatur. My guilty driving secret is that I use it as an opportunity to listen to country music. I know, I know, I’m sorry. I just can’t help it. My music never keeps my interest and there is almost always a country station around 99 on the dial. So I got a fill of country music this weekend, yum. In case you are wondering–that is the same part of me that reads Cosmo, the very same.

I got to spend an evening with Ryan the Accountant. I’ve mentioned him before–we went to college together, but didn’t really know each other–even though we were in the same social circles. I did take spanish all through college with his roommate even. I tortured him by getting to town really, really late and pushing our dinner back from a reasonable 6PM to a totally reasonable 9PM. It wasn’t my fault–I left my apartment at 3, but didn’t arrive in Decatur until 8:30.

We got some Pasta at the new italian restuaurant. It was an odd place. I thought the lights were WAY too bright for an italian spot, but Ryan didn’t seem to mind. Also–my ravioli was served on top of a bed of fettucine. Totally bizarre. But since I’d cheated and had some Burger King on the drive–it didn’t bother me too much, I was just confused. Ryan said his portion was too reasonable–he used to be able to get two meals out of an order there and was bummed not to have Saturday’s lunch taken care of.

The we headed to THE Martini bar in Decatur: Katz Piano Bar. We snagged a table and watched the bar fill up over glasses of World Select. I guess you don’t go to a Martini bar and ask what beer is on tap. Anyway, Katz collects an eclectic group of people. From the down-low gay crowd, after work white collar crowd, college students who want a change from the Winery, the entire theater department… Everyone thinks it is the perfect place for their type of people. Sounds like a winning business plan to me. While my sister thinks it is expensive–we spent less than $20 for four drinks and a nice tip.

Then we went and watched FahrenHYPE 9/11, the conservative rebuttle to Fahrenheit 9/11. It is a well made documentary with a strong stance. It’s propaganda too, just like Fahrenheit is. It left me frustrated, yearning for a strong, honest voice somewhere in the middle. Although I nodded off a couple times, it was worth watching–just like Fahrenheit is. Just like South Park: The Movie was.

Here is something I just learned. Michael Moore wrote and directed Canadian Bacon. It was John Candy’s last feature. I had NO IDEA. He wrote it as a criticism of the first Bush. Check it out.

I don’t know. I guess if there is something I’ve learned about myself this election year, it is that I am more a gut and heart political person. I do try to stay on top of things and read enough–but I don’t. I rely on some well-informed people to nudge me in the right direction, but I know my basics. I’m not proud of that.

I also think I used to be a better critical thinker. A number of times lately, trying to make political arguments or book reviews, I have lost my ability to speak. So my reaction to FahrenHYPE was not much of anything. Maybe because it was late, but maybe because my hard learned critical skills have turned into butterfat at work.

Maybe because I was still trying to decide if the dinner/drink/movie night we’d just had could be defined as a date in my book. I dunno. I hate to ruin a nice night by asking that. And the said truth is that despite everything going on in the world, I’m pretty boy crazy. And I like boys to fit into a few easy catagories. Friends. Dates. Dates that turned into Friends. Friends that turned into Dates. Coworkers. Customers. Gay. Family. No spark, but good for someone I know.

Okay, not easy at all… just like dating.

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