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A new machine, a new life.

Occasionally I find that my life can be reduced to a clip from a John Cusack. Today it is from “Say Anything ” where Diane Court is explaining to her father why she had sex with Lloyd Dobler. I can’t find the exact quote , apparently nobody else loves the scene like I do… wait, wait, Anglefire circa 1995 to the rescue:

DIANE: Dad, do you know what he did the first time I went out with him? We were walking across that 7-11, and he pointed out some glass to walk around. And I always think of that when people ask me what I’m doing with Lloyd Dobler. And I never get nervous around him. So we started spending all this time together, as friends. But I could feel him getting anxious. And then, I knew there would be a confrontation over getting physical. And he started to get that look the other night. You know that look? And then, you know its gonna be an issue, so I went thru all the different feelings and arguments you’re supposed to go thru.

MR.COURT: Did he get rough?

DIANE: Dad, no. But I didn’t want any problems. So I decided not to sleep with him. But then I attacked him anyway.

That was my week… except it was a MacBook Pro which is almost as good as sex… almost. I had lots of great comments from you all, with all sorts of responsible, cost-saving choices. A used MacBook if I really wanted the brand, another refurbed Dell or HP, or even start from scratch and go Linux.

But damn it, I guess I wanted a MacBook pretty bad because this post is being written from a keyboard with both an F and a K. Oh and without being plugged in, because the battery actually holds a charge.

I am beyond excited and may have to call in sick on Monday, just so I can rip CDs, set up my .mac account and I dunno… What else do you do when you get a new computer?

Special thanks to Dubi who rescued me at the Apple store. I couldn’t get any attention from the staff, got worried I would over-buy or under-buy, and he came to help me make the purchase. It was too big to do alone. Okay, enough of this, I’ve got stuff to do on my new computer.

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