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A nice end to a stressful day.

You know that I’m in a bad mood if my boss, who was sequestered in meetings, all day can tell based on how I put my coat on and waved goodbye at 5:03PM today. I was short-tempered by things outside of my control. I don’t always do well with things outside of my control. And once my fuse is gone, it is gone.

Things are now much better.

1. I had a really nice dinner with Ronnie. Granted I was such a wreck over the water issues that were out of my control I barely ate, but it was still really nice. He’ll let me rant when I need to.

2. Ronnie also gave me a really lovely gift from his trip to Argentina. It is a small tango poster/card with a leather frame that is kind of washed blue/orange. But not in a Chicago Bears way, in a very argentina way. It even smells like I remember things in Argentina smelling.

3. I got home and all the drop cloths were up, my shower curtain, and the pipe.

4. I got home and Spidey had gotten so comfortable with Barry, that he was sitting on the couch watching the action. Yeah!

5. I got home and cyberstalked the editors of Shebrew and saw that Shabbat and the Single Girl is now online.

6. This should really be 2.5, but after dinner Ronnie drove out of the way to take me to the really nice giant Jewel on Ashland so I could buy a Brita. After seeing the insides of the pipes, I have no doubt that I need Brita in my life. And three filters. That set me back $50.

Overall, I’m feeling much better about life. More relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep. In the morning, I will go to work and have a wonderful day.

Good night.

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