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A reason to get both a TV and Cable.

Graham Norton is coming to America. Graham Norton is a late night british talk show host who I enjoyed watching while I was in London. Now he is coming to Comedy Central.


He is a super campy (gay) comic who shot to stardom with a one man show at the Fring Festival in Scotland. His celebrity interviews are not about promoting their newest movies, but are refreshing and real. He is the man that verified that it WAS Samuel L Jackson I saw in Passport Control at Heathrow.

Norton is also known for his pranks. So much better than Jamie Kennedy or PUNK’D. The one that I remember most vividly reconnected the microphone at a drive through with his telephone. Using a webcam, he (and all BBC4 viewers) could see the person ordering. He made counter-suggestions to their orders. Telling a large man he would be better off with a salad, instead of his order. Cruel, yes. Funny, yes. Then after two or three people, he told someone the truth and asked him to order 300 burgers and 150 cokes for his audience. The guy loaded up his sports car and brought the huge to go order to the studio in London.

Set the TiVo, the VCR, the Outlook Calendar, and mark the T.V. Guide for Mr. Norton.

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