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A shower and then back to work.

All day yesterday at work, I was on pins and needles. I was scared to be going to improv, people were in funks, and I had just been offered a promotion of sorts. While I’ve been a “manager” since returning from London, I haven’t had much power or control of my shop.

I have just been told that over the course of the next couple weeks, I will take over my shop. For real. Ordering products, scheduling, all training, and being responsible for the success. I was supposed to have a year at Store #2, in order to gear up for taking over Store #1. But that only lasted a month and now I’m going to start in earnest.

And I am scared. Everytime things change, I freak out. I feel unprepared and undertrained. While I know I won’t be allowed to fail, I hate the thought that the opportunity to fail is around the corner. So, to my promotion I say, “Eeek!

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