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A thought or two.

I met up with some amigos at the Decemberists concert tonight in Millenium Park. They came armed with a blanket, mojitos, crackers and cherries. I came with nothing but a decent attitude. Ted and Dondi were responsible for food, drink, and finding a location out of the rain and away from the crowds.

I have been getting used to the hole in my day-to-day. I come across a site, but don’t send it. I have a small rant, but don’t write it. I want to snap a photo, but I put my camera aside. Lucky, I guess, that my circle is incredibly protective. People are getting me out and about; no time to whine and moan.

Do, do, do.

But it is still there, this gap. I’ve pretty much given up on being angry. It uses too much energy and solves nothing. And I’m done crying. Again, too much energy with no resolution. I’m just trying to do my job and do my socializing and not bring my friends down.

In the next day or two, I’ll write more about my trip to Israel. It really was amazing. I am in love with Jerusalem in a way I never expected. I have a projec that is starting to churn with some smarty pants over there and I hope to share some things with you when this period o’ mourning (time between 17 Tammuz and 9th Av) is over.

But right now? I’m going to lay down and go to sleep.

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