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About the Poll

See that poll over there on the right hand side of the page? I am trying to pick my neighborhoodie. I have pondered over this time and time again and think I’m getting closer to what I might get.

Options are

  1. Schaal Avenue–The street I grew up on, that my parent’s still live on, and no matter how many times we order pizza from the same people–it is ALWAYS mispelled as SchOOl.

  2. Socially Akward–my social skills report card read this after Speed Dating last week. There has to be a reason. Just akward though, not inept.

  3. Polyester Winebagos–This is what I’m going to name my band, if I ever get one and if I can convince my bandmates this is a good band name. So, probably never.

  4. I love your band–it’s just funny and I don’t care enough about any one band to wear their shirt, so this is safe no matter the band.

If you have another idea, please use the comment section for a write in vote. So far it is one for Schaal and two for I love your band.

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