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Acoustic Little Pill

I gave in. Is it giving in when it is spontaneous? Yesterday the Red Eye ran an article about Alanis Morisette’s Acoustic recording of Jagged Little Pill. When I dropped by Starbucks for a coffee yesterday, there it was and now it is in my CD player.

And, just like the guy said, it has aged well. I was 17/18 when Jagged Little Pill was first released. It said so many things I wanted to say–or thought I would want to say if I was angrier. But I always liked it and definitely stole my sister’s copy. Now I have my own copy–but the grown-up, mellowed out, acoustic version.

It still holds water (and has the same holes–Irony.) My favorite song was and is Head over Feet–“You’ve already won me over, in spite of me.”

There is something about having the soundtrack of 18 years old, be re-recorded and released just when you need it again. Same songs, new emotions, same soundtrack, new scenes.

This one is going to be in the CD player for awhile (Having given Liquid Soul and Willie Nelson the boot.)

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