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After a season away, Im hooked on ALIAS!

I missed last season of Alias because I was in London. I was never able to really catch up, so I gave up on Sydney, Vaughn, Jack, Dixon, and Sloan.

Tonight my roommate and I watched the two hour season premiere and I am happy (or sad) to say that I am right back in it. Holy Shit! What a show! Even though Jon had never watched one episode, it stood on its own two feet.

At the end of the episode, my question was–when will Eric be brought onto the APO team to join everyone else? When she walked into APO headquarters at first and into that room where Dixon, Jack, and Vaughn were–WOW. And then Sloan came in from behind.

It is such a great show. I won’t describe any more, because I won’t be responsible for ruining someone’s Tivo experience. But man, great premiere. Thank you ABC Writers!

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