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Ah. Biking the lakefront trail.

How did I live in Chicago for three years and not spend every free minute on the lake? Seriously people. The Lake, a great lake, and this is the first summer I’ve enjoyed it. This morning I took my morning coffee walk along the lake and tonight I went for a little 8 mile bike ride along the lake front path.

I wated to get a good sweat, although the truth is I was too dehydrated to really sweat much. Just to pound out some built up stress and listen to the wind. I weave in and out of rollerbladers, runners, slower bikers, faster bikers, cars and children. I now have a helmet, so I feel safer doing all of these things.

I saw one person I recognized on the path and about 20 guys wearing Argentina jerseys for their park league soccer game. I’ve decided I need a good photo of the Israeli flag and a good photo of the Chicago flag. Then I can put them together with Argentina’s. All have a field of white, two light blue stripes, with an image in the middle.

Truth be told, I wanted one more tatoo. I was going to do the four red stars from the Chicago flag, but replace the second with a blue Star of David. It has been gently pointed out to me that Jews don’t get tatoos–very taboo. So I probably won’t get anymore. Instead, I want the photographs.

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