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Always got something cooking

Looks like I blog again, huh? I wanted to fill you in on things coming up for me in the next few weeks.

March 7/8: Sleepover 2.0. Tune in on for an 18 hour webcast featuring 9 tech savvy women in Chicago. Giveaways galore, great guests and tons of fun. Please tune in and try to win something fabulous. Did someone say XBox 360?

March 12: I’ll be speaking at the Cultural Center (see previous post) at 6PM. I hope you’ll come and learn about social media and the arts.

March 14: I’m conducting a workshop for theaters in Austin, Texas while I’m there for SXSW. The folks at the Austin Circle of Theaters have been amazing and helped arrange this with me. It was a whim and turned into something. Why theaters? I thought about what creative group isn’t directly involved in SXSW and came up with theater.

March 13-17: I’ll be at SXSWi and am organizing a small dinner for 15 of my closest internet friends on the 15th. Let me know if you want to join, I still have a few seats open. It’ll be family style at La Condesa.

March 18-22: I won’t be at SXSW Music, but after a meeting with the guys behind WebbChange today, I will be involved. More coming, but look for a cool contest and part of the winner’s package will include a free coaching session with me for a band.

March 23: I turn 32. What the hell? Someone plan something, ok?

Fast forward….

May 17-23: Pilcrow Lit Fest returns! We are changing things up this year and are looking for literary events all around the city to be a part of Pilcrow. We are looking for literary events on the south side of Chicago, west side of Chicago, in Latino communities, Asian communities, African-American communities, teen events and anything else literary. Ideas?

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