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And more TV reviews… this time a science show.

Like I said, instead of visiting a museum, going to Westminster Abbey, shopping at Picadilly Circus, or something else culturally edifying–I’ve been watching T.V. on and off all day. Here are a couple other good things about British Cable.

Brainiacs If my older brother Ry and his friends had a science show of their own, this would be it. It is for science jocks and they do outrageous experiments based on viewers mail. Today they tested the strength of three types of tape: Masking, packing, and clear. To test it, they taped a fellow Brainiac to a rotating table with 66 sp. meters of tape and then turned him upside down to see how long he would stick to the table. Packing tape held him over 10 minutes and masking tape only 1 1/2 minutes. It was a relief to see packing tape hold out! A running experiment is called “Fat vs. Thin” where they pit a fat man against a skinny man in different environments. Today they tested an earthquake, but in the past have tested a shipwreck, blizzard, hurricane, extreme heat, and extreme cold. They have also been testing a 1 ton safe, to see if it could be cracked. After 8 teams tried various methods, it was finally the royal army with a tank and test rounds that finally cracked the safe. But they also destroyed the $200 inside the safe.

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