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and some surprises.

The most surprising part of the weekend was a guy named Ryan. We were on the periphery of the same social group in college. We certainly always knew each other, but whether or not we had a one on one coversation before this weekend is up in the air. I can guarentee I had a crush on him at some point. Tall, lanky, quiet, with longish hair. But I seem to remember him having a girlfriend all through college.

This weekend our social connection was supposed to be coming, but they called in sick and couldn’t make the trip up. So it was me, Ryan, and Beth without the bridge of Andrew and Denise. We all hung out at Ryan’s house in Decatur, looked at photos, chatted, petted his cat Pierre, and got to know each other.

Last night I went over to watch the Cards and Dodgers play. My sis and bro-in-law went to bed early, so I called him to see if he wanted to hang out. We chatted between at-bats and home-runs. Okay, maybe there weren’t any home runs last night, I don’t really remember.

Something I’ve discovered is that while I don’t have many college friends, I can easily befriend other Millikin grads. Huh? It’s the people I wasn’t close to that I find myself talking to now. Maybe because there is no disappointment is not staying better friends, after all, we were all BFF. We have the common history of college together, but nothing is strained.

There is a thesis there somewhere. A life lesson. I’m not sure I can verbalize it yet, other than to say thank you to Ryan for hosting me a good bit this weekend. New Millikin friendships are welcome.

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