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And sometimes…

Sometimes technology creates stumbling blocks. Sometimes voicemails go unlistened to for 21 days. Sometimes people are extremely forgiving about being blown off and flexible about short notice.

A guy who responded to my craigslist ad last month quit emailing me and I was kind of perplexed. Why didn’t he write me anymore. Bummer. Then on Friday there was a message marked for deletion in my voice mail, what? “Hey Leah who is either at the shop or sleeping, this is XXX from craigslist.” Eeek. On Labor Day he called me, but when I got the message I was at work and mistakenly thought the voice was my buddy Geoff. I hit save after “or sleeping” and called back Geoff. Oops.

So I called him back, three weeks late. I apologized profusely for the mistake and we made plans to meet for a quick drink after work. After work for me was 11PM. Getting out of here at 11 on a Friday would be a miracle, considering that on Thursday night the guys were here until 11 after “closing” at 9:30PM. I told the girls I was working with, “I have a date I’d like to go on, please help me out.”

Since they are married and engaged, they really want me to be seeing someone. They worked their asses off to have the shop closed on time and us out by 11:00PM. We were out by 11:05. I raced home, threw water on my face and changed out of my ice cream covered clothes and raced to The Daily.

On my way there, I prayed, “Please be normal, please be normal, please be normal.” When I got there, there wasn’t an Army of Darkness t-shirt to be seen or anything else to send me screaming and running away.

We chatted easily for a couple hours before exhaustion got the better of both of us and we called it a night. There was a little “Mayday, mayday” in my mind when we quickly ventured into politics and talking about W, but that was probably much more interesting than the hour or so I spent talking about ice cream.

Yes. Why don’t you talk about work a little more Leah? That is so sexy. Guys love to hear you babble on about Edy’s new innovative way of making low-fat ice cream and the challenges of marketing new flavors. Sigh. He claims I was not boring him, but I think it is more because I’m a great case study for his next consulting article or book.

So I think this time I blew the date and I can’t blame this one on a dud date. Needless to say, I have low expectations that I will be his date for the mid-season Ball at the Lyric Opera.

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