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Another day off, which means, a day at the shop.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning at like 5:30 or 5:45 am. I got into the shower and walked into the shop right on time at 6:30 am. The shop was boiling hot, so I locked the front door and walked to the back and opened the back door to let in a breeze. I then began weighing out 3 oz of Kona Coffee when John came in the back door. He told me that he and Andy had been scared to death when they looked out the window and saw the back door open.

WHAT HAPPENED? They came running to the shop, hearts beating and knees shaking, and there I am, weighing out the Kona bean. Whew.

It was a slow morning of coffee, so I started cleaning. Windex cleans everything in an Ice Cream Parlor. I also practiced my sandwhich making art for the Morse store. I am seeing that I will be one tired kid once I start managing the Rogers Park Store, but I think I will be incredibly happy. No, I know I will be incredibly happy.

Ice Cream + Candy + Kona Coffee + Gift building = Happy Manager!

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