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Another stupid pill anyone?

Apparently last night I left the stove on. My apartment is now filled with the smell of natural gas. Grrr. I cooked some pasta and went to bed. Today when I got home from work, I noticed the burner I’d used last night was on. It was on really low and the apartment reeks of gas.

I think I turned it off until the flame went out, but a little bit of gas was still coming out. Then at some point today it lit itself? How did nobody in the building notice the smell of gas? I smelled it walking in the front door of the building and was shocked to find it was my apartment.

I’m now trying to freeze myself out with fans on and windows open to try and get rid of the gas. I’m also probably losing a few brain cells being in the apartment. Fuck. At least Spidey didn’t die and the place didn’t blow up.

No candles tonight, that is for sure.

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