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Art of Amazement

I might not like the book so much, but the Art of Amazement (mixed with the Artist’s Way) has made me be more aware lately. So some things I’ve noticed, in no particular order.

I am clumsy lately. Totally unable to keep a hold of anything. I was in a rotating door today and dropped my potato chips. The guy opposite of me saw and quit pushing the door, maybe even stopped it. With a soda and sandwhich in one hand and a book, wallet, and cell phone in the other–I did the only thing i could. Kick. Kick. Kick. Until I’d kicked it outside of the building where I was able to pick it up.

Spiderwebs. I continue to notice spiders and spiderwebs. Tonight I went on a bikeride down the bikepath. I got off the path and walked my bike by the fence right on the lake. It had been made into a volleyball net with spiderwebs. It makes sense–the breeze blowing gently, blowing clouds of gnats into waiting nets and hungry mouths of spiders. Tiny webs and large webs, broken webs, new webs.

Old people holding hands and speaking foreign languages. Tonight there was a long bench of couples from the old country–I don’t have any idea what old country, but the old country. Probably five couples (it was a long bench.) sitting and talking. I like to imagine speaking a foreign language, holding hands, sitting on the bench. The language is alternatively Hebrew or Spanish. I’m never speaking english in another country, but another language in Chicago.

Cute boy with dog on the beach. He was leaving the fenced in dog beach the same time I was slowly biking past. I kept my pace slow, hoping we would cross paths further up. For a few hundred yards I stayed within earshot of the distinct sound of his jangling–the leash mixed with running. But eventually I had to pedal again and lost his jangling. Damn. (I was the girl in the green shirt on the green bike.)

I envy the people that bravely say, “On your left.” and I try to be that biker. But I suddenly get afraid that I’m actually “On your right.” And I’ll say “On your left” they will move to the right and I’ll run them over cause I mean right and they should have moved left. But at least I have a helmet on, right?

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