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At work at 6:30 AM.

I was up early this morning to serve the Good Friday coffee rush at Sweet Occasions. There was no rush, which made it hard to survive the morning. I’m sore as all get out from standing at the store for hours and then going to the mall with Cathy. Any time a store had a soft chair, I could be found collapsed in it, trying to motivate to look at paint chips and vases.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time, as I never go to malls and just shop. I got something super-cool for my friend Joe–a globe for his collection of globes. I think he doesn’t have this one, if so… grrr. And I had a latte and looked at Steve Madden shoes. Every store I would pick up the same shoe, but old orchard mall doesn’t admit tall women exist and there wasn’t a size 11 in the whole damn mall.

Tomorrow morning I am going to be the easter bunny over in Lincoln Square. We will be operating inside of Fleet Feet on Lincoln, handing out eggs to young kids and their parents. There is an I-Pod on the table here, so stakes will be high for the under 17 set of Lincoln Square and Ravenswood.

It is now time to rub down my back with icy hot and hit the proverbial hay.

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