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Aw shucks, thanks WIl Wheaton.

I knew Wil Wheaton had a blog, but I rarely read it. Tonight a tweet tipped me off that there was some music to be heard over there. Know what he has? Three hours of 1983 MTV. THREE HOURS! From when they played music. While you all were watching the State of the Union, I was watching Twitter commentary and listening to 1983 MTV.

I’m so totally not a grown-up.

I canceled my Re-bath today. I talked to the people at Bath Fitters, they have a base price just under $1000. Also got lots of great comments from you all and an email from my dad. Wait, get estimates, budget for it and live with the pink for awhile.

After my chest-tightening “Holy shit, I don’t know what I’m doing” freak-out about work this weekend, I got into a groove today and my supervisor agrees with my hypotheses. Next step is to start collecting information through interviews and surveys. Then writing a plan. I should be able to tell you more about why work has me freaking out… tomorrow, I think. Maybe on Wednesday.

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