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I’m probably going to get my butt outside again, it is just too nice to stay inside and be all responsible and chore focused. But before I go, I had to mention that I got an awesome email this morning on Jdate. He said, “I will google.”

That’s is way better than pretending that we won’t Google each other and who doesn’t? But then I realized that my JDate profile name leads to a dead end. You know what doesn’t? Leah Jdate Chicago. Even with all the Leahs in Chicago doing JDate, I’m the number one result.


Some other thought just came and went. Oh! I had a request to pimp my Amazon Wish List in preparation for my birthday & bat mitzvah. First of all, you PRESENCE is requested not your presents. Capiche? But if you wanted to and are feeling stumped, it is quite up to date. I enjoy the written word. More than anything else, that’s what I need more of. Other than that, I’m in pretty good shape. So just be present at the shin-dig, don’t feel that you must bring anything other than yourself. And a SJM with a penchant for Single Nerdy Jewish Girls named Leah. Who blog.


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