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I dated John Stephens the summer between 7th and 8th grade. That summer my sister was dating Geoff, our co-best friend Laure was dating Logan, and I was dating John–we called ourselves the 6-pack and went on triple dates like the Three Musketeers.

One day I had to finish the dishes before I could leave the house to see John. I was hurrying and not focused and grabbed a hot pot off the stove and burnt my hand. My dad was watching and say, “Looks like you’ve got a case of bee oh bee.” “What?” “B.O.B. Boy On Brain.” I am sure I denied it, but no doubt it was true.

The last two days have been full of hot pot grabbing moments as I have a bad case of Boy on Brain. The Rock Star Lawyer is distracting me something fierce and I am forcing myself to do tasky things to try and keep him at bay. Probably the worst B.O.B I’ve had since… hmmm…

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