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Back from Zombie living

Okay, I’m almost officially well.

Cough, cough, hack, hack.


The short of it is I came home from work last Thursday, wrote a couple blog posts, wrote a massive personal to do list, and then went to bed. In the morning everything hurt. Joints, hair, lungs, nose, throat. I decided that if my HAIR hurts, I maybe don’t need to go to work. I called in sick and migrated to the couch where I stayed until Wednesday morning.

Yeah, I don’t do sick days in bed, but on my couch. Old habits die hard, I guess. The couch is where we slept when we were kids and sick. Closer to the toilet for puking (which I never did) and closer to the healing rays of the television. On Saturday I ran out of cold pizza and went to Dominicks and on Sunday morning I called friends crying, looking for someone to take me to a clinic. Amy came over with wheels and lysol and took me to the Minute Clinic at CVS on Lawrence where I got medicine for…. bronchitis.


Came home, took meds and went back to sleep. Slept through New Year’s Eve and didn’t leave my house again until I went to work late on Wednesday. Now I’m only coughing when I go outside, so that’s good. I got some of the clutter caused by illness into the dumpster, but still need to clean pretty hard core. Before I do that, I have an article that is overdue, but I don’t think my editor wanted it written by Leah “Codeine” Jones. And a Torah portion due in two weeks with a sermon.

I can’t start reeling off my to-do list again, it’s enough to make me sick. Ugh. In 2008, I must remember the power of saying, “no.”

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