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Being Vulnerable.

I have to make the decision to make myself a little vulnerable. I am getting ready to step into uncharted territory. A fourth date. (or whatever we’re calling them. It’s a party on a saturday night and it’s a holiday party. I think it counts.)

I have not been on a fourth date (or second or third) since high school. Okay, there was Greg the Asshole in Colorado, but I’d like to sweep that one off the record. Seriously, he hasn’t given me his letter jacket and we aren’t passing notes between History and Physics.

What are we supposed to be doing? I’m more afraid of this than all my first dates combined. I have no idea what to do, how to open up, how to… you name it, I don’t know and am afraid of it.

So to combat the fear, I am going to hunker down with Cosmo, Glamour, and make an emergency shopping trip tomorrow for a cute outfit. That will fix everything, right?

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