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Best thing about relationships

I asked Twitter for help tonight, “What’s the best thing about being married or being in a committed relationship?” StephAgresta @leahjones ur question and all the answers are really inspiring. Nice sentiment to end the night on. you should aggregate and publish. 🙂 about 1 hour ago

Ask and you shall receive

BlahGeeTsa @leahjones with my marriage being 3 weeks old, having him hold my hand in the ER last nite.a partner 4 minutes ago

Skawtnyc @leahjones Having someone to talk to, or share things with. It’s hard to go, “Hey look at this!” when there’s no one else around. 31 minutes ago

MelinaMurray @leahjones Being there for each other through life’s ups and downs.Having my best friend as my life partner & enjoying his company every day 34 minutes ago

Gruven_Reuven @leahjones being able to be yourself, not playing “the game”… Sharing… Kids… fighting.. Making-up.. Someone to keep you in check 42 minutes ago

kimhaynes @leahjones – Best thing about my relationship? Coming home to someone who gives me the best hugs ever after really hard days. about 1 hour ago

geechee_girl @leahjones Having my BF to bounce ideas off of and hang out with so often about 1 hour ago

Dayngr @leahjones There’s always someone to kill the crunchy bugs and take out the garbage? about 1 hour ago

ColleenCoplick @leahjones someone always has your back. no matter what. about 1 hour ago

RuudHein @leahjones My wife is my Reason. W/o her days, actions, are purposeless. Love being married because it’s dedicated commitment. Solid. Trust. about 1 hour ago

Roxy_Harte @leahjones, married question..I can be myself every second with him and he can be himself masks, no roles ..just us. Such peace in that about 1 hour ago

chrisbrogan @leahjones – love that I married my #1 supporter and friend. Love body heat. Love having a grounding place. about 1 hour ago

jfritsche @leahjones I love the fact that my husband is my best friend. That makes being married fun. We’re total dorks together and I adore it. about 1 hour ago

VizMedia @leahjones What I like about being married? All the inside jokes, truely being yourself, and having someone be a witness to your life. about 1 hour ago


LindaSherman @leahjones relationships.Where-ever Ray is, is home. We travel together & live in several places. Laughing, learning, tennis, mutual respect about 1 hour ago

SteveBauer @leahjones best thing about being married is getting to hang out with your best friend all the time about 1 hour ago

Another couple came in after the first update, leading Idan to think I was discriminating, when the truth is that I asked the question the way I did based on a conversation we’d had eariler in the day. So it wasn’t discrimination Idan, it was inspiration.

idangazit @leahjones: having entire conversations consisting solely of arched eyebrows and quirked lips 10:16 AM March 31, 2008

rachelbaker @leahjones having someone to always believe in you, even when you might not believe in yourself. about 21 hours ago

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