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Blindish Date from The Ad

Last night I met The Scientist for drinks. The Scientist answered the Ad a few weeks ago and we wrote a few emails and he asked me out and out we went.

He is a couple years younger than me and doing worthy research in an academic setting. He was on call, because sometimes he has to do autopsies immediately after a patient passes. So, when he checked his voicemail in the first five minutes I was a little offended, but then he clarified that he was on call for work. Whew, not just getting the blind date safety call so early.

Other that talking about harvesting brains, it was pretty standard–moving in chicago, work, commute, family, and all the great things chicago has to offer.

After the date I was back at The Shop standing outside on the phone. In front of there was a very dramatic case of road rage (I thought, but the cops later said it was domestic related) so I hung up my phone and called 911 and hid in The Shop for safety. Later the cops said there was a gun involved, but in front of me it was only a baseball bat and two cars. If it happens in Ravenswood, I’m there to call 911 and be a good witness (according to the cops)

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