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Brown, Daley or Walls?

I’ll be heading to the polls after work tonight and wanted to know what people have to say about Brown, Daley and Walls–our three mayoral candidates. Now Daley has already been mayor for 20, yes TWENTY years. That’s four more years than Pete Chalos was mayor of Terre Haute. I feel like there needs to be a changing of the guard, but don’t see Daley actually losing to either Brown or Walls. We are just so used to Daley and the scandals are already old news. Well, old news considering how short our collective attention spans are.

So Chicago Area Voters or informed about Chicago politics but not local…. Brown, Daley or Walls?

UPDATE: When I got to my voting location, Ward 48 I think, there was a short line. The couple in front of me were obviously immigrants. They had enough English to get their ballots, but not enough to chat or get additional instructions. I occasionally have moments when I am very proud to be an American and this was one.

Turned out that I was the 121st person to vote. 30 minutes till the polls closed and I was only the 121st. That’s pretty sad chicago. Nothing says apathy like 20 years in office. You can watch the election coverage here...

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