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I’m in the middle of a total reorganization of my living room. The bookshelves are moving and even harder, I’m cutting books. I’m actually getting rid of books. I’m letting them go. I’m tossing them into Book Heaven. No, not really, but some to my coffee shop, some to my alley. Maybe I’ll have some sort of party and let people take books home.

I’m not sure what the finished product will look like, but my computer no longer faces the TV. That means no more double dipping on technology and I think that’s a good thing. The bookshelves will no longer be a monolith of text, but in THREE seperate places in the room. Gasp. However, breaking up the bookshelf trifecta is making it harder to place my glass art in high places that Spidey can’t get to. I’m not sure how it is going to work out exactly, but promise that it will be safe.

I spent the afternoon with girlfriends making a collage. I continued to focus on being in a relationship, having kids, and a new laptop. Man, oh man. I really am starting to want a MacBook. I know, I know, switching from the ol’ dell to a Mac. We’ll see how that goes, but first I am willing the new computer into my life.

Also, lots of flats and flat boots. And money. And being in a relationship. Mainly that.

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