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Building Sukkat Rimon

Sukkot is a Jewish harvest festival that happens each fall after Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. During the holiday, Jewish families and organizations build temporary shelters outside that represent the tent that might have been built by our ancestors as they harvested grains hundreds of years before us. One of the traditions is to make sure that you invite guests, or ushpizin, to join you for a meal and inevitably share stories while you break bread.

This fall during the holiday of Sukkot, I am working with Amy Guth and Joseph Altshuler to celebrate with a night of storytelling called People Who Usually Don't Lecture: A Storied Harvest. The storytelling event will happen inside, but we wanted to make the event extra-special by building Sukkat Rimon.

We need $10,000 to frabricate, build and store this unique sukkah, so we are turning to you. For a rendering of Sukkat Rimon and information on how you can make a donation, please download this PDF.

To make a donation directly to the Sukkat Rimon campaign, we are collecting donations through Emanuel Congregation. Just note that the donation is for Sukkat Rimon in the memo.

And yes, of course there are Early Bird Tickets available.

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