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Cafe Roma 2 (Dig)

Cafe Roma 2 (Dig)

Date: 13 July, 2004 — $21.98 — Music


On a total lark, I picked up this two CD selection last week at Border’s. I have had a hard time pressing the stop button. Man. It is a great CD. It is Italian Lounge and Jass music.

When I was in London, Maureen kept telling me how into Lounge music she was. I thought it sounded so boring. Come on. LOUNGE MUSIC? It is awesome. You can dance to it, you can work out to it, you can put it in the background and have dinner, you can make it the focus. It is great. I’m not a great music reviewer, but Rock N Roll also loved it. If you don’t trust my dancing feet, trust him.

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