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Career Girl Works Late and Eats Thai

Last night was a late one–I was at the office until 11:30PM. But I had an idea we’d be in late, so I didn’t make plans. I did have in the back of my head that I might try and collect my final paycheck from the shop and go to get some cat food from the Gourmet Pet Store on Rockwell, but I didn’t really make plans.

The coolest thing was being able to watch the Navy Pier Fireworks from above. Really cool. Since the fireworks are at 9:30 and we stayed until 11:30, we took a break to watch a few go off.

I think I’m getting closer to a full-time job, which would be nice. My savings account is still in good shape, but my checking is starting to get dangerously low between weekly paychecks.

I’ve gotten lazy with my hair–ponytails every day and rarely getting make up on anymore. But I do still wear high heels every day, so there is that.

I don’t have much to say today. I’m sick of myself–my constant worry about inane things. I wish I at least was a creative worrier instead of a contant loop of work/jew/romance/work/romance/work/work/money/romance/jew/food.

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