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Caught in the rain.

I’m not sure that rain was in the forcast, probably, but it is raining now. I got caught in it, briefly, on my way home from Ronnie’s. He knows how to work his VCR, so he taped the Gilmore Girls season premiere and we watched it tonight.

Yeah! Luke and Lorieli are engaged! Boo! Rory’s dropping out of Yale! Yeah! The writing is still funny! I enjoyed it, even if I missed most of last season and most of the season before that. I still haven’t recovered from my time in London as far as TV goes.

Then we watched the premiere of Supernatural. It is Dean from Gilmore Girls playing Sammy, who’s older brother is Dean–but not Dean from Gilmore Girls, he’s Sammy. Couldn’t they have named the other character something other than Dean? And his girlfriend something other than Jesse? Or are those Official WB names?

Since it has been awhile since I’ve seen Ronnie, I forgot that I lose any argument based on memory of fact. However–I win any argument that is based on memory of experience. I couldn’t remember the ten commandments, let alone the order. Fact. Pretty bad for someone less than a month away from converting. On the other hand, I did remember what he orders at the restaurant where we got dinner. Experience.

But then we got into a discussion about how the Argentine Tango is counted–slows and quicks, 1 and 2s, unos and doses. I know how it was counted, I have danced it. He understands the math of it and how it should break down. We did not come to an agreement, probably because I refused to stand up and show him that I was right. I do actually know something about tango. Promise.

Now I’m going to take a peek at the challah dough in my fridge and try to decide what to do with it. Sigh. Bad challah, bad, bad challah.

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