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Check out these voter education sites.

Election day is creeping up on us. Twelve days away is what I heard on the news last night, which must mean that today is 11.

Four years and 11 days ago (Or Three Years and 355 days ago, too early for fancy math) I was sitting at the back bar of Players Bar in Durango, Colorado. I was on a date with Dave, stoner Dave, and we went to play pool and watch the results roll in. We were, of course, prepared for a Gore victory–even though I voted for Nader and I’m not sure Stoner Dave even voted.

We watched and played pool and pumped quarters into the jukebox. By the end of the night, we still didn’t know who had won. I gave up around midnight and drove back up the hill to Fort Lewis College.

This year I don’t know where I’ll be watching the results from. I’m nervous that we will have an instant replay of 2000 and that we will have another four years of Bush. I’m not wasting my vote on a third party candidate, that is certain. Yes, I know, a two party system is corrupt. Third parties give us real choice, give us a democracy. I know, I know. But four more years of Bush scares the hell out of me. It would be good for the left, I suppose, if Bush won again. Read the HUGE article in Vanity Fair for a good summary of why that is, I won’t rehash it here.

Anyway. My whole point was to link you to some wacky attempts at getting out the Kerry vote, turning on voters, and in general–doing anything to get people to the polls.

Don’t follow this link if you sit in a cubicle or are at work. Votergasm. I found out about it on the BBC yesterday. They are turning on voters and having people pledge to 1) have sex with a voter on election night. 2) withhold sex from non-voters for the week following the election and 3) vote.

Here is one for people who can’t vote yet, but want to influence their parent’s decision. was featured in the Chicago Reader this week and it to help people build solid arguments against Bush. Primarily aimed at the liberal children of political conservatives (Reverse Alex P Keaton syndrome), but it can be used with co-workers and the guy that sits next to you at church.

While not political, you can get an emergency political sweatshirt from: Neighborhoodies! Neighborhoodies made my Schaal Avenue sweatshirt, my sister’s Rayne of Terror, my brother-in-law’s Senor Devivo, Nate’s Makuhari, and Helena’s Goteborg Berlin. I love Neighborhoodies. Just in time for the election they have added Bush and Kerry graphics and will rush it to you free of charge. I would show you them here, but they have smartly made it impossible to copy and paste the image.

A couple other t-shirt options are and

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