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Cupcakes and suitcases.

I think I had some bad chicken yesterday. That must explain why I hung up the phone and conked out on the couch last night. Lights blazing, phone and blackberry not charging, and teeth unbrushed. Seriously, just conked right out. Today my stomach is upset and my face hurts. Last I checked I did not get punched in the face yesterday, so perhaps that is more a sinus infection.

And the chicken (I had chicken soup and fried chicken, so it had to be the chicken) or the sinus thing gave me strange dreams. In the dream I was accepted to ROI120 (a summer leadership conference I’ve applied for and am patiently waiting for an admission letter) and there was an orientation. The orientation included the seven US participants and 40 participants from Senegal. Yes, the Jewish community of Senegal. The blond haired, blue eyed Jewish community of Senegal.

I recognized other bloggers and called them by their blog names and not their real names. We all hugged and got ready for a big day. Then I realized that I had to leave early for my second bat mitzvah at the Marshal Fields Shul. Trying to get there on time, I dropped my heavy suitcase on a large pile of cupcakes that the participants from Senegal had brought. Lucky for me, most of the cupcakes survived and they still let me go on the trip.

But then I got to the shul an hour late and missed my bat mitzvah. There was much unfamiliar pomp and ceremony that I didn’t recognize. I was walking down the street chanting Torah, but it was the wrong portion. There were a lot of alleys and fences and “simple but impossible tasks.” Anyone wanna take a stab at that one?

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