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Dating Jewish? Thoughts from a Jew by Choice.

Leah Jones is an administrative assistant by day, a writer by night and an aspiring ballroom dancer. A proud Jew by choice, she shares some of her new insights on interfaith dating with Shebrew.

1. Jewish men are down with conversion, but they prefer you wait until after you are engaged.

2. More Jewish men are brought back to Judaism in a significant way by a non-Jewish partner than by the most charismatic, brilliant Rabbis.

3. I dated more Jewish men as a gentile than as a Jew.

4. Before I was Jewish, I was considered too Jewish by Jewish men I dated.

5. Non-Jews are more understanding of why I choose Judaism than Jews. Born-Jews think I must be crazy.

6. Jewish men are intimidated by my adult commitment to Judaism.

7. Jewish men who want a woman that goes to shul every week, don’t want a woman that goes to a Reform shul every week.

8. Jewish men that want a woman who goes to a Reform shul, don’t want a woman who goes to shul every week.

9. Friends often ask if I would date a non-Jew. The answer? It is hard enough to be a single convert, but to be committed to Judaism and be the only Jew in the relationship? Not an option for me.

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