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Day two back on the WW track.

Today before lunch I did something I haven’t done in ages, I checked the points before I ate. I hopped onto Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone to get a preview of Potbelly’s. What I saw was proof of part of my weight gain–the meatball sandwich. My favorite (and I have it at least once a week) weighed in at FIFTEEN points. Even without cheese, fifteen points. Sigh.

So then I took a look at Cosi–can I eat there? I remembered a Cosi disaster when I first started WW in 2003. I got a ceaser salad. The dressing alone was nearly 20 points. Oops. So I planned ahead and got the Shanghai Chicken salad and bread. With a diet coke, it was a 10.5 point meal.

I managed to avoid the fresh jar of gummy bears my company put out, as well as the jar of caramels (except for one.) No cookie run (so far.) and no French Vanilla Latte from the Nestle machine.

Now I’m having some WW mac n cheese–5 pts. Zuchinni–0. and Carrot bread at 4.5. Yeah, bread is my weakness, but we already knew that. Bread and French Fries. And Hamburgers. And Snickers bars.


Also–two bloggers I know, in the way you can know fellow bloggers, also started doing WW this week. Good Luck Shocker Khan and Hello Ninja!

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