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Dead Opossum

I was standing on the Platform of the Damen El stop for the Brownline. I was watching the northbound traffic come up and under me. I was just enjoying the sunshine and working on my tan. I look down and see a dead opossum on the hood of a car. Not bits of opossum on the grill, or in the middle of the hood, but on top of the windshield wipers.

That begs the question, WHAT THE FUCK? How the a dead opossum end up on your windshield and why do you leave it there on the hottest day of the year so far? I understand walking out to your car, seeing it, screaming and running around like a little girl, and then finding someone to take it off for you. But leaving it there and then driving around the city with it on your car?

Or did it fall out of a tree and land on the car? Or did some punk drop it off of another overpass onto the car? Or was it a political statement? “W is a dead opossum” brought to you by the “W is really just roadkill foundation.”

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