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Did I mention it is a holiday?

Evreytime I turn around, it is another jewish holiday. Wow. This is the second night of Sukkot–the festival of the first fruits. Last night we all shook the lulav and etrog by the shul’s sukkah.

Say what? Follow the links above for a much better explanation that I can give tonight. Needless to say, the service was an absolute blast–everyone was in very high spirits, a nice change from Yom Kippur (although I didn’t particularly find Yom Kippur to be a downer.) Sukkah is an 8 day festival that is nestled nicely between the High Holidays and Simhat Torah.

The best part so far has been to random Lulav & Etrog sightings around town. (Should be a pop duo maybe? Israel’s next entry into that European singing contest?) The first was an orthodox man with a gray beard, black hat, black coat, walking up the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue) with a lulav and etrog. Later, far north on Sheridan, there were two orthodox guys in their late teens–making sure this guy in normal clothes got to perform the mitzvah of shaking the lulav–or they were asking directions, I was on the bus I can’t be sure.

A friend from shul told me about going into a Mitvah-mobile in New York and shocking the chabad guy by knowing the blessing without being taught.

In other jewish news–my conversion has been pushed back to December. Too many things going on and my cantor isn’t quite back from maternity leave. Basically–another month to try Lobster Bisque.

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