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Did Wendy McClure write MY memoirs?

Today I dropped by the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square to see if anything caught my eye. One book did (Okay, three, but we’ll only talk about the one.) Wendy McClure’s I’m Not the New Me.

I’m only on page 44, but so far the story has been so familiar.

1. The Vacation Photos that cause realization of weight problem. (Weddings in August and September of 2003. I felt fantastic about myself, until I saw my size 22/24 photographs. Ugh.

2. Weight Watchers.

3. Women’s Workout World.

4. The “I’m not worthless” speech to self on page 42.

5. Blogging about it all.

It is a shame that weight struggle is such a universal theme, but her voice is so strong, familiar, funny, and biting. This is a “diet” book worth reading. And when I say “diet”, I don’t mean it that way. All I want to say is, “Wendy, you wrote my story.”

Damn it. Now what will my first book be about.

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