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Do I have anything better to do?

Organizing CDs. First step is to find every CD case in my apartment. Then open every single one and see what is inside. Make a pile of the ones which are piled correctly and another pile of now empty cases and a third pile of misfiled CDs. Then try and match the misfiled CDs with the CD cases.

I am looking for one CD in particular. It is the soundtrack of my screen play and Adam Phelps sent it to me while I was in London. I can’t find it and it is making me crazy. I know I’ve listened to it since returning from London and now I can’t find it. Grrr.

I’ve also done some sweeping and washing of glasses and floors. Now I’m either going to reheat our Bucca de Beppo leftovers or head to the Daily for a burger and to see my waiter friend Tommy H.

It is probably going to be the Daily, but not until I find my sound track.

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