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Dusting off my ego.

This morning I raced to catch a green light. I was already late to work and wanted to save 30 seconds by getting across Michigan Avenue RIGHT NOW. My shoes, the sidewalk, and gravity had different ideas.

They conspired that what I really needed was to slide into homeplate. Except instead of homeplate, it would be the sidewalk at a busy intersection. And instead of winning the game, I would be even later to work. And would knock the wind out of me. And would scrape both knees, rip holes in both gloves, and somehow manage to scrape my elbow.

Keep in mind it isn’t summer. I wasn’t wearing a tank top, I had on a wool coat with LONG sleeves. But the force of the fall, the slide, the friction of the sidewalk, all combined to push my sleeve up and expose my poor elbow to the skin hungry sidewalk.

Some nice lady stopped and picked me off the ground and literally dusted me off. I said something funny about not making the light and tried to catch my breath. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually had the wind knocked out of me, but have now.

I’m finally getting back to normal, but can’t rest my elbow on my desk. It is scraped exactly on my resting part.

This will be great in the movie.

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