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Eating humble pie for dinner.

I had humble pie for dinner. I was supposed to have pan-fried turkey breast, but after I burnt it and set of the fire alarm and had to evacuate all 300 students from my building in the rain. Well, I had a low-point dinner of total and utter embarassment. Add a dash of already in my pajamas and three firetrucks responding and 4 firemen coming to my apartment to check on things. Then a little lecture from the nice fireman in my kitchen about then leaving the water boiling on the stove when I left the room to evacuate the building.

“Who’s the moron who did it this time?”

“You know what we should do with people who set off the fire alarm?”

Seven years I’ve lived in res halls and this, my friends, is the first fire alarm I’ve ever set off. And the last. I refuse to cook in my apartment ever again. Ever, ever, ever. Microwave popcorn and cold canned soup for the next two weeks. And pizza. and Slimfast shakes. and NutraGrain. But I am not going near the pots and pans ever again.

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